Work Package 1

Development of nonlinear and vibrational nanoscopy

To establish nonlinear and vibrational microscopy at the nano-level in order to study metallic nanostructures and macromolecular suprastructures without perturbing labelling molecules or sample preparation procedures.

Work Package Leader: Paola Borri

Work Package Students: Juris Kiskis, Michael Stührenberg, Attilio Zilli, Naya Giannakopoulou, Marie Didier, Siyuan Wang, Alberto Lombardini, Carolina Rendon Barraza, Amala Elizabeth, Xiao Ling

Project Progress:
  • FWM epi-detected microscope with heterodyne interferometry implemented
  • Dual-polarization phase-sensitive FWM detection implemented
  • Interface-sensitive wide-field SHG microscope implemented
  • Polarization resolved microscopy set-up for structural analysis of supramolecular assemblies and metallic nanoparticles, incorporating SHG, FWM, and Coherent Antistokes Raman Scattering (CARS), implemented
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