Work Package 4

Applications in sciences

(1) To develop a protocol for drug screening in a 3D tissue model using nonlinear microscopy.

(2) To track nanoparticle endocytosis and endosomal escape at the single particle level to reveal receptor-mediated transport pathways for therapeutic delivery 

(3) To investigate the water behaviour inside fuel cell membrane for sustainable energy conversion

Work Package Leader: Anna Forslow (4.1), Paola Borri (4.2), Katrin Domke (4.3)

Work Package Students: Alexandra Paul, Diana Ribeiro, Alberto Lombardini, Carolina Rendon Barraza, Xiao Ling
Project Progress:
    • Nonlinear microscopy images of cells grown on protein engineered scaffolds
    • Resonant Four-wave mixing microscopy of gold nanoparticles in cells correlative with fluorescence microscopy
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